Camp Pecometh

In 1946, a group of Methodist clergy and laypersons realized a vision for a Christian camp by purchasing 10 acres at “Bookers Wharf” along the Chester River just north of Centreville, MD.

Bookers Wharf had once bustled with barges going to and from Baltimore but, at the time it was purchased, had become a local recreation area.

The name “Pe-Co-Meth” was the winning entry in a naming contest, combining the first syllables of its owner, the Peninsula Conference of the Methodist Church. The hyphenated spelling lasted for many years, but as the camp grew to add more land, facilities and programs, the hyphens disappeared.

Over time, Pecometh’s identity flourished as a place where people experience God-inspired, life-changing experiences in a sacred place.

Pecometh continues to partner with the more than 400 churches of the Peninsula Delaware Conference of The United Methodist Church to serve persons of all ages and from all walks of life, not just United Methodists.

Are you interested in going to camp? Would you like to have fun,  and fellowship with other kids, then contact Pastor Robin for camp information, and Campership assistance.